Are You Wondering Where To Buy Nanoleaf | Know Them Quickly

If you are wondering where to buy Nanoleafs then you have come to the right place.

Nanoleaf has been in the market since 2012 and it started with a successful Kickstarter campaign featuring the world’s most energy-efficient light bulb.

And since it has been in the market for so long it is available to most countries.

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How Many Countries Are Selling Nanoleaf?

Number Of Countries Selling Nanoleaf Products
Number Of Countries Selling Nanoleaf Products

As of April 2017, Nanoleaf products are sold in over 40 countries and the Apple Store is the largest 3rd party seller globally (Source).

Practically speaking, every apple online store includes Nanoleaf products in their product catalog as it is compatible with their smart home HomeKit enabled products.

How To Find And Verify A Physical Nanoleaf Retail Shop In Your Country?

To find and verify a retail store selling Nanoleaf lights, simply search on google for your country and Nanoleaf (e.g Singapore + Nanoleaf) for social media pages such as Facebook or Instagram page and online marketplaces.

There will be customers writing feedback, review, or product photos of their experiences on those platforms.

If your country is not on the list you might want to contact the next closest country that has a distributor operating near your area or consider buying directly from Nanoleaf since they have international shipping to most places.

Why You Should Probably Visit A Retail Store Before Buying Any Nanoleafs

In short, the light panels look better in person than in photos.

That’s because the light panels are too bright for some camera sensors that could not handle bright images well.

Because by now, you should have seen some photos and noticed that some of the reviewed photos may appear to be too saturated.

The light panels have to be dimmed to around 20 percent brightness (give or take) before taking a decent photo. So it will not reflect the actual experience of seeing it in person.

Difference Between Buying From Nanoleaf And Retailers

The main difference is that buying directly from Nanoleaf will earn you 50% more reward points as compared to buying from other online or offline retailers as Nanoleaf have a customer reward program.

There will be faster delivery during the peak holiday period it is closer to where you lived or you could always pick it up if you are near the retail store.

Some retailers will offer installation assistance with medium to large setups with their certified electricians that could help you figure out any potential safety concerns. And they could advise you if you require any additional permit for installation of a certain size

Are There More Sales From The Distributors ?

Each region has its own holiday events, especially in East Asia like Singapore where they have more than one sales event per month. However, the discounts offered are not as steep as the ones offered by Nanoleaf Black Friday Cyber Monday sales going as high as 30% Off.

Is it Cheaper To Buy From Nanoleaf Or Distributors?

The distributors will need to get a cut of the deal so it is unlikely to get a better deal than buying directly from Nanoleaf. Unless you are looking to purchase from wholesale retailers which have bulk discounts like best buy. You could also view what kind of Nanoleaf bulk discounts are available during the year-end sales.

What Is The Price Range?

The basic Nanoleaf smarter kit 9 packs start at $199.99 USD and vary across each region. For greater details of the prices, check out the Nanoleaf prices across each region.

List Of Countries And Websites Selling Nanoleaf Products

Saudi Arabia
United Arab
List Of Countries and Online Stores Selling Nanoleaf Products

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