Nanoleaf Lines 14 Quick Facts You Need To Know

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Nanoleaf Lines 14 Quick Facts You Need To know
Nanoleaf Lines 14 Quick Facts You Need To know
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What are Nanoleaf lines

It is a backlit smart light bar inspired by the constellations when looking at the stars in the night and the Nanoleaf team wanted to recreate the experience indoors so they apply the concept of wall washing lighting into the Nanoleaf lines line.

What’s New In The Lines Light Bar?

There are 2 new features in the Nanoleaf Lines light bar.

  • The 2 color zones per light bar and
  • skin to customize the appearance of the Lines light bars.

The new 2 color zones feature allows 2 different colors of light to be lit up at the same time, unlike the previous Nanoleaf lighting products which only allow 1 color per panel.

Simply use the Nanoleaf app to set the color of each zone or you could try the built-in scenes to watch the colors animate across the setup.

The skin is an attachable piece that can be snapped onto the light bar and swapped out if you need to change the design.

This would allow greater color customization of each smart light bar and bring immersion to the next level.

How does it work

The Nanoleaf Lines can be controlled either via the Nanoleaf app(available on iOS & Android) or the physical hexagon controller which also acts as one of the connectors that is included in the Nanoleaf Lines smarter kit.

How much is Nanoleaf Lines?

Nanoleaf Lines Smarter Kit 9 Lines$199.99 USD
Nanoleaf Lines Expansion Pack 3 Pack$69.99 USD
Nanoleaf Lines Skins(Black & Pink)$19.99 USD
Nanoleaf Lines Flexible Connectors$14.99 USD
Nanoleaf Lines & Accessories Prices

The prices vary by region and you could check out the Nanoleaf product price list across each region. It would be a useful reference if you plan to do some shopping when traveling outside your country.

How bright is it?

It is 20 lumens for each light bar which is the same brightness as the Shapes Triangles.

How many colors does it have

It uses the standard RGBW color range which allows more than 16 million choices of color and the color temperature ranges between 1200K to 6500K.

Where can you buy it

It is available for preorder at the Nanoleaf store with an estimated delivery date in late November 2021 which is close to the year-end holiday sales season.

Although some people have received the first batch of Nanoleaf Lines 3 days after the official launch event which is much fastest than was announced in the Nanoleaf Lines launch event.

Or you could view the previous Nanoleaf Black Friday sales to find all the discount codes since they don’t really change that often.

If you are planning to purchase the New Lines light bar from retailers. Sorry to say it is not available to the retailers yet and may have to wait until around late November 2021 for the retail copy to arrive.

How many scenes does it have?

It comes with 19 pre-built scenes or you could build your own scene with the Nanoleaf mobile app for more diverse scenes especially with the new 2 color zones in each Lines smart light bar, you just got to have fun with the new feature.

How many Lines light bars can it connect?

Officially it can connect up to 18 Nanoleaf Lines light bars per Power Supply Unit. And up to 250 Lines light bars per controller unit.

Going beyond the limit of 250 units of Lines light bar and it will cease to function as intended.

Unless you are a programmer or a lighting engineer, most of us would not be able to get it to work beyond the limit.

What is the dimensions of the Nanoleaf Lines light bars?

There are 2 components that make up the overall dimension of the setup, and that is the Light Bars and the Connectors so you will need to take note of the 2 sizes for your final setup.

Nanoleaf Lines Light Bar Dimension

Nanoleaf Lines 9 Pk
Nanoleaf Lines 9 Pack
Height0.31in (0.80 cm)
Width11in (27.85 cm)
Depth 0.78 (2cm)
Nanoleaf Lines Light Bar Dimensions

Nanoleaf Lines Light Bar Controller Dimension

Nanoleaf Lines Controller
Nanoleaf Lines Controller
Height0.85in (02.16 cm)
Width1.57in (4 cm)
Depth 1.36in (3.46cm)
Nanoleaf Lines Controller Dimensions

If it was connected into a straight line, the total length will be as long as 111.56in (283.36 cm) for the 9 pack smarter kit.

Each hexagon connector can be connected at a 60-degree angle and has a cap on them. Remove the caps on the hexagon connector to reveal 3 pins on each of the 6 sides. That is where the light bars will be placed to pair up the Lines light bar to the connector.

How heavy is Nanoleaf Lines?

Connector0.08 lb (39g)
Weight of Nanoleaf Lines and Connector

The light bar and connectors are very lightweight and can be easily mounted using double-sided tape(included in the smarter kit) on a flat and clean surface. It would not apply too much stress onto the paints of the mounting surfaces.

Does Nanoleaf lines work with thread?

Yes, the thread technology is built into the Nanoleaf Lines. This will enable the thread border router among the other thread-enabled products or the Nanoleaf Shapes and Essentials products.

The thread technology will include the individual IP addresses for each thread product and no central hub devices will be needed to expand any thread-enabled network.

Is Nanoleaf Lines compatible with the Matter standard?

The Nanoleaf lines are compatible with the matter standard as that will be the standard used by all major smart home manufacturers from the year 2022 onwards.

Does Nanoleaf lines have connect plus?

No, the lines light bar does not have the connect plus function. The connect plus function is only limited to the Nanoleaf shapes series. So it is not possible to connect them with the other Nanoleaf lighting products.

Even if you are thinking of trying to DIY the lines light bars to the other products, you still have to consider the voltage output of the different products.

The difference in voltages levels means they will not be compatible with each other.

Is the Nanoleaf Lines smart light bar worth buying?

No, it is not worth buying at full price. The Nanoleaf lines have fewer features compared to the shapes light panels. And it is not compatible with any of the light panels or Nanoleaf hardware and looks like it will remain that way.

If you are looking for something a little different from the light panels I would wait for the next Nanoleaf sales or use one of the Nanoleaf discount codes before getting them. I don’t think they are worth it at full price because of the fewer features included.

But I might get them for the cooler rhythm effects because of the 2 color zone on each light bar and the ability to customize the appearance with detachable skin.

It also comes with some future-proof features such as the thread radio and the new Matter smart home standard. Although the built-in thread radio acts as an extension of your home’s border router which will become the norm in the near future I still don’t see this as a strong enough reason to buy it at full price.

The Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Not compatible with other Nanoleaf product
  • Lower Brightness
  • No touch control
  • No touch reactive games

The Pros:

  • Unique design
  • More Customization with Skin
  • Future Proof with Thread
  • Acts as Thread device and Border router
  • Compatible with Matter Standard
  • 2 color zones per light bar
  • Cooler Rhythm Effect
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