Nanoleaf Is Not Planning To Restock Rhythm Light Panels For Now

Are you looking for Nanoleaf Rhythm light panels on or other retailers but it is always out of stock?

That’s because Nanoleaf has no plans to restock the Rhythm light panels for now.

Here is the response on the official Nanoleaf twitch stream.

The chat (@sonahrily) asked when will the Aurora light panels (aka Rhythm light panels) be restocked.

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The Nanoleaf rep responded with:

“We don’t have plans as of the moment to restock yet. So if you don’t have any it’s definitely good to start with the shapes triangles.”

“Points behind her at the box of shapes triangle.”

“But if you do have then you can keep your eye out. We don’t have plans to restock currently.”

Source: This is from the 1st July 2021 twitch stream.

How To Buy Nanoleaf Rhythm Light Panels If They Are Out Of Stock?

The good news is only the Rhythm light panels smarter kits are out of stock.

All the Rhythm light panel’s expansion packs and the replacement parts are still in stock for purchase.

But it will on a be while stock last basis

Screenshot Of Nanoleaf Rhythm Replacement Parts
Screenshot Of Nanoleaf Rhythm Replacement Parts
Screenshot Of Nanoleaf Rhythm Replacement Part
Screenshot Of Nanoleaf Rhythm Replacement Parts

Possible Reasons Why They Are Not Restocking

1. Nanoleaf is planning to go all-in on the new thread wireless protocol and the Rhythm light panels is not compatible.

2. The base plate used in the installing process of the shapes series is different from the previous light panels.

3. The global microchip shortage is affecting their supply line so they shifted their resources to prioritize the newer products instead.

4. Streamline their products to prevent customer confusion and to keep the cost from inflating.

Usually, new customers are often confused by the similarity of the shapes triangle and the original rhythm triangle. 

Now and then, there are questions popping up on the Nanoleaf subreddit asking what the difference is or why the parts are not matching or working together because they purchase the wrong accessories without realizing they were two different light panels.

What Makes Shapes Triangle Better Than Rhythm Light Panels?

The Shapes triangle is simply an upgrade of the original rhythm light panels.

Let’s look at the list of improvements:

1.) It comes with smaller corners: More illuminable area

2.) Has built-in thread radio: Just one software update away to enable it

3.) Uses new snap-on connector and mounting: Super useful when trying out a new design or moving light panels around

4.) Comes with touch reaction: Play with the Nanoleaf games or use it as a button if you have Apple HomeKit

Features and SpecificationsRhythm Light PanelsShapes Triangle
Max Panels Per Controller30 Panels500 Panels
Max Panels Per PSU30 Panels28 Panels
Brightness100 Lumens80 Lumens
Note: this allows compatibility with other shapes panels
Mounting PlatesNoYes
Touch ControlNoYes
Reactive to musicUses Rhythm moduleBuilt-in to controller
Nanoleaf Rhythm Light Panels VS Shapes Triangle

The shapes triangles will be the ideal replacement of the Rhythm light panels unless you have plans to use the 3.5mm aux port or the professional DMX adapter sold separately on the Nanoleaf shop.

Nanoleaf DMX Adapter For Rhythm Light Panels

What Are Some Of The Places With Stocks?

At the time of writing, only these few places have stocks:

StoreSmarter KitExpansion Pack

Try changing the Geolocation as some stores such as HomeDepot only show store status closes to you or may indicate not available online.

Where To Buy Rhythm Light Panels Outside Of Your Region

The markets outside of North America and Europe are still selling Rhythm light panels while stocks last.

To give you an idea of where to look for Nanoleaf products outside your region check out the official store locator.

So you might have to imports them from the Asia Pacific region such as Singapore and Australia / New Zealand region if you are really keen on grabbing the final batches of the international market.

But remember there are some import taxes that you might have to pay in your region’s customs.

Check out the price list of Nanoleaf products here if you plan to buy some on the international market.

Buying Nanoleaf Light Panels From Users In Your Region

It might be worth the time to look around the Nanoleaf subreddit, eBay, or other common places. There are people selling it below retail prices for various reasons(moving to a new place).

However, buying second-hand light panels comes with the risk of forfeiting the warranty and support from Nanoleaf. And may face the risk of getting scammed.

What About The Rest Of The Out-Of-Stock Nanoleaf Products?

The rest of the Nanoleaf products will be restocked as usual but Nanoleaf products are usually sold out pretty quickly (especially the Essential light bulbs and light strips) and they are also working hard to get the supplies to other retailers.

There are no updates on the availability of the Nanoleaf products. So it is best to buy them as soon as they are available.

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