Are You Planning To Expand Your Nanoleaf Setup And Wish To Know How Many Nanoleafs Can You Connect

Are you planning to expand your Nanoleaf lights and not sure how many panels it can connect?

Do not worry. You can find out from this article.

Because I will help you find out how many panels and power supply you need.

Also, calculate the wattage you need for your expansion.

And a tip on how to expand Nanoleaf around the corners of the walls or ceiling.

How Many Nanoleaf Panels Can You Connect?

Each type of panels has a different limit so you need to figure out which type of panels you are using to determine the number of panels you can connect.

The maximum number panels for each type of Nanoleaf is stated below:

Nanoleaf TypesMaximum Limit Per Controller
Nanoleaf Lines250
Nanoleaf Elements80
Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon500
Nanoleaf Shapes Triangle500
Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Triangle500
Nanoleaf Canvas500
Nanoleaf Light Panels30
Maximum Nanoleaf Per Controller reference to Nanoleaf sources

How Many Power Supply Unit Is Needed Per Setup?

The maximum number of power supply allowed is:

  • Nanoleaf Lines 42W up to 4 PSU
  • Nanoleaf Lines 75W up to 3 PSU
  • Nanoleaf Elements 42W up to PSU
  • Nanoleaf Elements 75W up to PSU
  • Nanoleaf Shapes 42W Hexagon up to 23 PSU
  • Nanoleaf Shapes 75W Hexagon up to 75 PSU
  • Nanoleaf Shapes 42W Triangle up to 18 PSU
  • Nanoleaf Shapes 75W Triangle up to 11 PSU
  • Nanoleaf Shapes 42W Mini Triangle up to 7 PSU
  • Nanoleaf Shapes 75W Mini Triangle up to 4 PSU
  • Nanoleaf Canvas 24W up to 21 PSU
  • Nanoleaf Canvas 75W up to 7 PSU

When you planned to expand your Nanoleaf, make sure you have enough power supplied to your Nanoleaf otherwise it will not achieve the correct brightness or it will not function properly.

Also, make sure the power supply you are using has the same wattage and voltages if not they will not be compatible with each other because of the voltages differences.

Nanoleaf Tools For Calculating Power Supply

Finding out how much power and PSU you needed for your setup is easy.

You can use Nanoleaf’s Power Supply Calculator provided by them to figure out how much power and how many Power Supply you needed.

If you are not sure how much power and PSU you needed. You can use Nanoleaf’s Power Supply Calculator

Nanoleaf Power Supply Calculator

Can Nanoleaf go around corners?

To further improve the design of your Nanoleaf expansion, you should consider using the Nanoleaf Flex Linkers. It can help you bend around a corner of the wall or ceiling. So that you can expand to the other walls or surfaces without restricting your creativity for a unique Nanoleaf design.

Does Nanoleaf use a lot of electricity?

No, Nanoleaf uses LED lights which is highly energy efficient and consumes lesser energy than traditional incandescent lighting by up to 75%. Hence, it is safe to presume Nanoleaf does not use a lot of electricity.

Can you mix and match Nanoleaf panels?

Yes, only the Nanoleaf shapes Hexagon, Triangle and Mini Triangle can be mix and match. As these are the only 3 Nanoleaf products that has the connect plus technology that allows mix and match of different types Nanoleaf light panels.

It also means the Canvas, Rhythm light panels and Lines cannot be mix and match with other Nanoleaf light panels as they do not have connect plus technology.


How Do I Add Expansion Packs to Nanoleaf?

Place the linker under the light panel > pull the sticky tape out > align it on the panel > gently push the panel against the wall to allow the adhesive to stick on to the wall properly.

Can You Expand Beyond The Limit

Yes, it is possible to connect more than the official limit, your Nanoleafs may not work properly as it is not designed to work above a certain number.

What Happens If You Expand Above The PSU Limit?

Your Nanoleaf will be dimmer as not enough power is supplied and the power will distribute evenly to other connected light panels as they are competing for electrical power and will not operate at the maximum brightness.

Is the Nanoleaf Light Panels Compatible with Shapes Triangle?

No, the light panels do not have the connect plus technology to connect with the Shapes Triangle panels.

Can you connect Nanoleaf to more than one device?

To add users to control your Nanoleaf light panels on Android, have them download and sign in to the Nanoleaf app. They can then add the device by selecting the Light Panels icon and inputting the pairing code. Repeat the process for multiple users.


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